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Dr. H. Jay Wisnicki has over 20 years of specialized care in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus.

He frequently volunteers with Orbis International to save the sight of children in developing countries.

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Dr. Wisnicki's Teaching PortfolioTeaching Portfolio

Mission Statement

To provide first quality, comprehensive education in my areas of expertise: Pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, clinical optics and computers/information technology. To reach a broad range of medical audiences. To provide new, innovative methods of teaching in order to capture attention, motivate and enthuse the student.

Teaching Activities

1986 to present. Teaching Rotations. Rotations in clinical pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus have been provided for medical students for core curriculum and electives; residents in ophthalmology, internal medicine, family practice and emergency medicine; international visiting physicians and optometry students. For many years, I was the most active teacher of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. Trainees have been assigned to me and/or have requested rotations with me on a continuous basis since the beginning of my first faculty appointment. This includes one-on-one instruction with approximately:

  • 100 ophthalmology residents

  • 20 other residents (family practice, internal medicine, emergency medicine, etc.)

  • 25 medical students

  • 10 visiting physicians (usually international)

  • 20 optometry students

1986 to present. Developed a pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus teaching service at Beth Israel Medical Center. In charge of teaching for all residents rotating through the Beth Israel Medical Center Pediatric Ophthalmology Service. This included the development of the syllabus, lectures, clinical teaching in both clinics and private practices, and teaching and supervising residents for inpatient hospital consultations, outpatient visits and in the operating room. Also developed a similar program during 1986/1996 for the City Hospital Center at Elmhurst.

1989 - Ophthalmology Student Study Guide. I had the principal role in developing the syllabus and program for a computer instruction course at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and The New York Eye & Ear Infirmary. This was the first computer adapted hypertext version of an ophthalmology medical student guide. It was used as course material for the ophthalmology core rotations at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Interactive modules allowed the student to learn at his/her own pace. Images were available to the students to facilitate learning.This program was presented nationally and adapted for use at other medical schools.

1989 to present. Optics Board Review, New York City ophthalmology residents. I was asked to develop the syllabus and lectures as part of the New York City-wide ophthalmology board review course. This course has continued annually with repeated requests for myself as a lecturer.

1989 - Visiting international faculty, Soviet Union pediatric ophthalmology exchange. Invited as one of two faculty to represent the United States in a pediatric ophthalmology teaching exchange for ophthalmologists throughout the former Soviet Union.

1990 to present. Mini Fellowships/International Teaching. International mini fellowships are provided to ophthalmologists who request clinical experience in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus. During these fellowships, which last between two weeks to three months, the visiting ophthalmologists (residents in training or ophthalmologists in practice) have an opportunity to observe patient care in both outpatient and surgical settings.

1990 - CME Course Director: Contemporary Ophthalmology 1990. This ophthalmology CME symposium included a faculty of senior experts, with department heads from major local and regional centers represented.

1991 to present. New Educational Technologies Committee, American Academy of Ophthalmology. I was invited to be a member of a new committee developed by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, whose charge is to help recommend new teaching modalities for ophthalmologists and ophthalmologists in training.

1991 - Ocular Motility and Associated Eye Disorders. Preceptor for a graduate student fellowship in computer animation. I advised the fellow and guided the development of an interactive computer animation program designed to teach the basics of ocular motility and anatomy of the eye. A 3 dimensional animated atlas of the eye muscles showing their function was developed. The program identifies the eye muscles and shows their effects on rotation of the eye.

1991 - 1996. Adjustable sutures in strabismus surgery. Course instructor at annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. This course has been requested repeatedly by attendees on techniques in strabismus surgery.

1992 - CME Course Director: Ophthalmology for the pediatrician. A CME symposium devoted to pediatric ophthalmology for pediatricians in training and in active practice.

Review. McGraw Hill 1997. This is a comprehensive board review monograph for ophthalmology residents and fellows.

1997 - Contributor to McGraw Hill Pretest Step III Simulated Exam, McGraw Hill, 1997. Wrote ophthalmology section of medical student board review book.

1997 - International visiting faculty, Venezuelan Association for the Advancement of Ophthalmology, Caracas, Venezuela. Presented various topics in pediatric ophthalmology, strabismus and clinical optics at the annual meeting of Venezuelan ophthalmologists.

1997 - Program Director, Info Access 1997: Merging Technology and Health Care. Was asked by the American Academy of Ophthalmology to present its first program on information technology and health care to an audience of several hundred people from around the world.

1998 - Breakfast with the experts, American Academy of Ophthalmology. By invitation of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, I was asked to lead small group discussions on strabismus surgery techniques. I was also asked to lead a discussion on uses of the Internet for ophthalmologists by the Instruction Division of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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